EU Geology

EU Geology is a group of enthusiasts that believe electricity played a pivotal role in the Geology of Earth.  Early man observed these events and recorded them in myths and religious stories.    

With the advent of the Space age man's knowledge of the Earth and planets has increased dramatically. Satellites have taken detailed photographs of Earth and are available to anyone through services like Google Earth.  Space probes have photographed all the planets and many of the moons.  We've sent landers to Mars, Venus, and other bodies in the solar system.

Much of what we've found is difficult to explain using tectonics, earthquakes, volcanoes, and wind and water erosion. For example Valles Marineris on Mars crosses one third of the planet. It dwarfs the Grand Canyon and has features that can't be explained with any of these mechanisms.  

The Electric Universe movement brings together ideas from many branches of Science. It is thought the Earth's electrical environment was much different in the past. Rivers of plasma flowed across the land. Telluric currents in the earth cause the volcanoes and build mountains. Electric lightning strikes transmute the elements and form silver, gold and quartz veins in the rock.

Should Mans Recorded History be Included in Science?

The myths and legends of early man speak of large, catastrophic events that changed their lives. They talk of the Earth stopping to make the day longer, they talk about mountain ranges appearing overnight, they say the location of sunset and sunrise changed, there were plagues and catastrophic floods, brimstone fell from the heavens.  These people feared the planets and paid homage to them. In Cappadocia Turkey they built huge underground cities that housed 20,000+ people to hide from the hell on earth found above.

Many of these stories talk of the planets (Gods) fighting each other by throwing Thunderbolts at each other. Zeus and Thor for example. There were also fire breathing dragons roaming the sky. These stories come from all over the planet. Is it possible these were real events? However what they really saw was electrical plasma phenomena - not living dragons?

Conveniently, modern science ignores these stories. They have to ignore them as they contradict the story they are telling. Science believes our planet changes slowly over the millenia, whereas early man recorded sudden and drastic changes. Science believes our planets formed where they are 4+ billion years ago and haven't moved since. The myths and religions say the planets have moved in orbit and this caused great conflagrations, world wide catastrophes. Who is right?  Current day scientists or the people that lived through these event?

The claim is that the people that wrote these stories were ignorant, didn't understand what they are seeing, and used stories to explain the unknown. But are they really that primitive? These people developed math, culture, music, art, religion. They domesticated livestock and hybridized plants. They built the megalithic structures found all around the world. They don't sound like uneducated people to me.

Comparative Mythology is the practice of looking at stories of early man from all over the world and trying to find common threads. In the bible there is a story where God stopped the earth so Joshua could win the battle of Jericho. If the earth stopped for Joshua then people all over the world would have witnessed the same event. There is evidence that at the same time period the Chinese observed a longer night. Similarities like this need to be explained, they don't happen by chance.

Bringing History and Science Together

Science is the art of making observations and from that devising a theory to explain those observations. Ignoring our myths and religions is not science, it's cherry picking. A comprehensive theory has to explain all sides of the story. Science has become too specialized. This results in theories that contradict each other and leave things out.

The electric universe movement is different. Specialists from physics, archaeology, geology, chemistry, religion, industry are coming together and putting together a more comprehensive story. A story that explains through science what the myths and religions tell us. This is changing our understanding of the planet. Come join us, it's just beginning to be fun!

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