Venus' super rotation is an electrostatic motor

Venus' super rotation is an electrostatic motor

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north east of Japan, foot of mountain made by discharge

Earth's atmospheric pressure is made by the potential difference. Is there a pressure of 90 atmospheres on the Venus atmosphere due to a strong potential difference? Another mystery of the Venusian atmosphere, Super Rotation can be explained by the potential difference.

Venus' 400 km/h wind blows from the east to the west. It is the same direction of the earth's trade wind. Please keep in mind that the westerly wind and the trade wind blowing on the earth are opposite.
The atmosphere of Venus is positively charged and the surface of the earth can be expected to be minus. Because the earth 's atmosphere is the same. By the way, it was found by observation of the exploration satellite that Venus has almost no magnetic field, solar wind blows, and from the other side as ions.

The principle of electrostatic motors is that charges flow from one side and charge escapes from the opposite side. In other words, the Venusian atmosphere has a strong positive electric charge coming from the sun side, and on the other side of the sun the positive electric charge has passed through to outer space. The same structure as the electrostatic motor is in the Venus atmosphere.

By the way, on Earth, the trade wind is in the same direction as Venus' Super Rotation, but the westerly wind is in the opposite direction. This is because Earth's atmosphere is pulled in the direction of the Faraday motor in the same direction as the rotation. Bilkeland current flowing from the poles is involved. The flow of electrons is making polar westerlies. Since the charge is negative, the direction of rotation is opposite to that of protons.

Lightning density from wikipedia

But the atmosphere near the equator is considered to be the same electrostatic motor as Venus. The lightning in the night is escaping the charge in the atmosphere to the universe through the ionosphere.