A New Dawn - Heather Stargazer

A New Dawn - Heather Stargazer

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This book is a collection of exploration, discovery, and curiosity as seen through the eyes of an observer. Here is an attempt to present numerable and credible findings of daring and brave scientists, researchers, medical doctors, mathematicians, philosophers, historians, artists and searching souls, who boldly speak the truth of their discoveries, in a way that the reader may begin to see the cohesive threads that connect them all and openly ask the questions that come to mind. Current runs through everything, from the macro to the micro. This current is electromagnetism. It is present in every facet of our shared Universe and History. While I am eternally grateful to those whose time and findings are shared within this text, the views, opinions, questions, and ideas, unless otherwise expressed, are completely my own. My hope is that through open dialogue and informed research, we may build new structures of perception that will allow us to bridge the gaps between the fields of understanding.

Heather Stargazer

Love and Light

Click link below to the PDF to open the book.


georgeschroder Sir its a link above as a Pdf file download and if your want you can save it to your PC. A_NEW_DAWN_Heather_Stargazer.pdf

Thank you. I had already realized my mistake and downloaded the book. I have read a good bit of it and am quite impressed. While I am quite old and the author sounds pretty young, she certainly knows more about it than I do!