Three reasons Earth revolution

Three reasons Earth revolution

Article - 5 years 11 months ago
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north east of Japan, foot of mountain made by discharge

In main stream science, it is explained that the revolution of the earth is due to the inertial force. However, the state where gravity and centrifugal force are balanced is very unstable. Even if the Earth's trajectory deviates a little, it falls to the sun or it fly away somewhere. strange!

I explain the real reason. There is no gravitational force generated by the mass. Detailed content on gravity will be explained in another article. Let's explain the three reasons the Earth revolves around Sun.

Earth receives solar wind, the ionosphere has positive charge. Earth's crust has a lot of minuses electrons emitted from the inside. I have explain Faraday's electric lines of force. Plus and minus Coulomb force does not neutralize but it reaches straight to matter. Sun is a huge positive charge, but it also has a negative charge. The ionosphere of Earth is positive and the ground surface is negative. Plus and minus electric charge which each other has attracts and repels. As Earth approaches Sun, the plus received from the solar wind increases, so the repulsion increases and it is pushed back to the original trajectory. Since the positive electric charge decreases when leaving Sun, it is pulled back by the minus of the ground surface.

There is another reason for stabilizing the orbit of Earth. Sun is increasing and decreasing every five minutes. Solar vibration makes sound wave of solar wind. There is standing wave of solar wind around Sun. The orbit of Earth is a plasma valley made from the solar wind standing wave. Earth is rolling in the plasma valley with Moon.

The surface of Sun is rotating on the Lorentz force due to the Birkeland current. The same force revolves Earth. Sun is moving at 200 km/s against Galaxy.  Lorentz force is the force which moves with the solar system planet. The revolution movement of the earth is synchrotron movement. The solar system is exercising with the electromagnetic force produced by interstellar matter.