Faraday's electric lines of force

Faraday's electric lines of force

Article - 6 years ago
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Electric lines of force are considered to negate plus and minus. But this image is a mistake.

It was a misunderstanding that occurred when Maxwell put together Faraday's experimental results into a mathematical formula. The electric lines of force that Faraday had been thinking do not negate both plus and minus, and each will have a distant influence.

In the distance, if there is a positive charge, a negative charge is drawn but a repulsive force is generated against the plus with the same force as the minus. This is Faraday's electric lines of force.

Coulomb force is a force acting separately, neither plus nor minus in the distant plus cancels out. Attraction and repulsion force act on the substance, so that each force balances inside the substance.

According to "Forces, Powers and Particles in Faraday’s Researches in Electromagnetism " (Kenichi Natsume), Faraday's line of force was as follows.

"The power for Faraday is the tension state itself created by force, it was transmitted as a" line "around material particles. Certainly the state of tension can be expressed as "tilt" or "amount of change", but it is only "expression" to the last, it was not "explanation" of power itself. In other words, power is positioned as the source of change, not change itself. For Faraday, dynamic movements and their tendencies are caused by force, reversing that relationship, we could not define the force by exercise. "

In terms of electric lines of force, force lines were not neutralized in the middle, but after acting on substances, they appeared as internal forces. Maxwell, however, got the image of the line of force from heat. Heat interacts before reaching the substance. The current line of electric force is the image made by Maxwell.

The fact that the Faraday electric lines of force are correct is proven by electromagnetic waves, that is, the radio waves go straight. Electromagnetic waves alternate between the electric field and the magnetic field, but if there was a case where the electric field neutralized halfway, the radio waves will interfere in the middle and bend or disappear. The straightforward nature of electromagnetic waves proves Faraday's electric flux lines.
In Newton's planet's movement, Maxwell had the same thing as eliminating the repulsive force. The image of this line of electric force has a wrong effect on the root of quantum mechanics. Even if the electron does not exist as a wave, a mechanism that does not fall into the nucleus is possible even if it does not turn at an extremely high speed.

Planets in the solar system are charged by the solar wind. Rock planets produce negative electric charge from the inside. The solar system is doing a stable revolution movement is due to the electric lines of force discovered by Faraday. Because the planet has electric attraction and repulsion between it and the sun, it does not fall on the sun and is rotating without leaving.