Rain is Synthesized in Air

Rain is Synthesized in Air

Article - 5 years ago
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north east of Japan, foot of mountain made by discharge

Generally, it is said that rain is caused by condensation of supersaturated water vapor generated in the air. However, if condensation occurs, it will not be supersaturated there, so it will only rain a little.

So I want you to see this.

There is an expression that it rains like a waterfall, but this is like a tsunami, the water flow is falling from the clouds. This can not be explained by supersaturated steam by any means. This video is also the same.

Probably, hydrogen atoms have fallen from the ionosphere where ozone and electrons are abundant. Sunlight was introduced where the electrons and hydrogen atoms were present, and ozone was generated from oxygen. In the Calvin circuit that plants make, a large amount of electrons are generated. Also, since the mountain is close to the ionosphere, electrons in the crust are attracted. Hydrogen atoms from the ionosphere are also prone to fall. Or it may be that the air shower by high energy cosmic rays occurred.

In the Svensmark effect, when cosmic rays generate electrons, cloud generation at low altitudes increases. The reason is that the cloud is generated when the degree of ionization of the atmosphere becomes high, but let's consider and further develop the Svensmark effect.

There are several ionized substances in the atmosphere. When oxygen is irradiated with ultraviolet light, oxygen atoms become three ozone. Atmospheric current always flows from the ionosphere to the surface, but the identity of the current is hydrogen. Several ppm of hydrogen atoms exist in the atmosphere. There are also the electrons mentioned above. Electrons are also emitted from cosmic rays, but there are also a large number of electrons coming up from the ground.

It was pointed out that atmospheric pressure creates a potential difference between the ground surface and the ionosphere. In low pressure, a large amount of electrons are rising from the surface. Also, hydrogen atoms fall from the ionosphere. The fact that the potential difference between the earth's surface and the ionosphere is low means that hydrogen atoms with charge and electrons move.

At low pressure, electrons, hydrogen atoms, and ozone merge.

O3 + 2e (-) + 2H (+)-> H2O + O2

The Earth's atmosphere pointed out that carbon dioxide is converted to nitrogen and oxygen in muon fusion. As it is, nitrogen and oxygen are 66%: 33%. However, when some of the oxygen becomes water, the oxygen decreases. Since the current oxygen concentration is 20%, it is thought that the reduced amount is water.



I thought about this not long ago and within a short time 'bumped into an article (cant find it - maybe Andy Hall) that supported the idea of cloud as conduit rather than container. How much 'comes 'in' I wonder?.
Does incoming 'water' or its constituents have to come in as dirty snowballs? - (no offence intended).

Steam isn't the best term for water vessicles (vapour) as by no means is boiling the way most water vapour ascends. Radiant energy is. Gerald Pollack is very interesting on this.
However the consideration of weather as an electrically driven phenomena is very interesting to me.

On looking at the Calvin Cycle that included wikipedia on O2 - I chanced on references to a tiny trend (not in their graphs) of dropping in recorded oxygen levels - being assigned to manmade made CO2 - (without link to support the assertion). I'm not interested in the assertion of CO2 as a forcer of climate change - but I wondered why any extra CO2 wouldn't simply stimulate the biosphere to put out a balancing O2?. (perhaps combustion pollutants oxidise - and nothing to do with CO2 itself?)

IF in fact such reductions in Oxygen are fact - big IF in my opinion - they be no more than a part cycle of a larger breathing and balancing Biosphere.

(Apart from the mind of sacrifice and complicance to the 'god' of climate dictate, funnelling wealth and freedom from human 'carbon guilt capture' through a cloud of disinformation). Once the circuit is made the discharge occurs, and becomes self-reinforcing until the supply is depleted. I was somewhat playful when this last bit came out, but there are parallels within an archetypally conditioned sub-consciousness to the world we presume to be conscious of.


Rain gets made by rain forest. The clouds they produce go from land to the sea. Its change in polarity wich makes atoms bond 2H and O to new element H2O and makes it rain. Earth's water levels are constant equal. Even the sun is part of the system by returning water to earth from here other cooling shell. Just like it picks up the H and O our atmosphere looses. one closed system. The exclusion zone of the seas to our rocky ground makes a part of our magnetic field together with the waters in the ground that conduct electro current by the minerals in it.