Complex Earth's gravity

Complex Earth's gravity

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electric earth science
north east of Japan, foot of mountain made by discharge

Newton's universal gravity, which the mass produced gravity, was wrong. Gravity had a very complicated mechanism. Speaking of the gravity on Earth, everyone is experiencing it, so it is difficult to explain, just as I know it sensually. Especially the absence of repulsive force and repulsive force is received as evidence that it is hard to think as electromagnetic phenomenon. Also, it can be said that gravity can not be shielded with a metal plate or the like. I will explain in a very logical manner here, without giving a magical role to space. Let's check what is supposed.

Propulsive force is generated when electromagnetic waves are applied to electromagnetic mass like EM drive. In this case, acceleration = gravity is generated. Also, when the phase transitions from SiO4 in the course of the expansion of the Earth, a large amount of electrons are generated. Electrons are accumulated in rocks inside Earth. The atmosphere is ionized by cosmic rays, and it is slightly positive biased.
The earth's magnetic field is caused by rotation of a large amount of electrons existing inside the earth by rotation. The rotation of electrons creates a magnetic field. Indeed this will be the identity of the gravity on Earth's surface. An electromagnetic wave is radiated simultaneously with the generation of the magnetic field. A phenomenon called Schumann resonance is the cause of gravity on the ground.

At the same time as a magnetic field is generated by rotation, Schumann resonance and ELF around 7.83 Hz are generated. ELF generated from 275 km below penetrates heavy rocks, passes through Eearth's surface, reaches the ionosphere D layer and reflects. All substances on Earth will receive ELF radiation.

At this time, the ELF radiated from underground and the ELF reflected by the ionosphere radiate the substance from above and below, but the reflection from above is attenuated, so radiation from below slightly outweighs. This generates an electromagnetic mass that accelerates the substance downward. ELF has a very high permeability, so it is difficult to shield it. This is making the nature of gravity. No repulsive force is generated either.

Fu is the force that Schumann resonance radiated from the crust acts on the object, and Fd is the force that Schumann resonance reflected from the ionosphere acts on the object. Considering the Fd 0 reflected by the ionosphere for the first time and Fu 1 where its reflected wave is reflected again inside the crust,

Fd 0 - Fu 1

Radiation from above will be upward force and radiation from below will be downward force. If the reflection is repeated n times, the force becomes:

F = Fu 0 - Fd 0 + Fu 1 - Fd 1 +... - Fdn + Fu (n + 1) = Fu 0 - Σ (Fdn - Fu (n + 1)

At this time, even if the height of the ionosphere reflecting changes, Fdn - Fu (n + 1) assumes a constant value. The higher the ionosphere, the Fdn will decrease, but Fu (n + 1) will also decrease. Σ (Fdn - Fu (n + 1)) becomes a constant regardless of the height of the ionosphere. The same is true when the ionosphere is low. This is how the gravity stabilizes.

The change from the electromagnetic mass near this surface to the electric attraction due to the electric charge is done very skillfully. Switching the gravity from the gravity on the ground to the outer space can be said to be an exquisite mechanism.

In precise gravity measurement, it is known that when rain falls, the gravity becomes stronger by about 100 ug. As rain falls, atmospheric ion concentration increases. The charge attraction increases. Gravity measurement from an artificial satellite also measures the attraction by electric charge. Since the satellite passing through the ionosphere is positively charged, its orbit is attracted to the electrons present in the crust.

The rotation, magnetic field, gravity were all related.