Jupiter produced Earth one million years ago

Jupiter produced Earth one million years ago

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north east of Japan, foot of mountain made by discharge

When substances begin to accumulate inside the sun, the negative charge increases inside the sun, so the sun's cavity disappears. It is the birth of Jupiter. Jupiterised star deviates from the center of the Birkeland current because it can not collect interstellar matter. In the center, a new sun appears again. What will Jupiter start?

The exploration satellite juno is sending many images of Jupiter.

Jupiter's atmosphere has a large amount of hydrogen plasma and heavy elements such as iron accumulated in the solar age. In Jupiterised sun, the rocks begin to fuse. On Earth, there are 66 billion neutrinos and 1 muon per cm2/sec. Neutrino coming to Jupiter will be reduced to 2.5 billion. However, muons should increase as the influence of the solar magnetic field decreases.

Neutrino maintaining atomic structure decreases, transmutation is more likely to occur. The number of muons increases, and muon fusion increases. Jupiter is a nuclear fusion reactor made from a large amount of hydrogen. Silicon and oxygen are fused and compressed with intense pressure to produce olivine.

Comets and asteroids that jump in occasion  will also be the raw material. Asteroids are the remains of rocky planets collapsed. Rocky planets that have expanded and have hollow collapse in a short period of time. Planetary creatures will be destroyed, but some will be found on the next planet as fossils. Fossils are aliens that jumped into Jupiter with asteroids.

When writing the distribution of iron ore on Earth before expansion, you can see that it goes round Earth.

The asteroid that jumped into Jupiter was stretched like a cotton candy, and Earth was made by winding. I wonder the asteroid containing iron wrapped around Earth. On Earth there are landscapes around which threads are wound.

Velikovsky insisted that Venus came from Jupiter 3500 years ago. I would like to insist that Earth came from Jupiter too. The era is about one million years ago. It is because the ages of glaciers in Antarctica were one million years ago.