EU Cosmology

Everywhere we look in space we see signs of electricity - magnetic fields, radio sources, synchrotron radiation, heat, light, particles accelerating.  Every one of these phenomena are produced here on Earth with electricity.  We've built our entire modern world around understanding electromagnetic phenomena.  We know a lot about electricity.

However our modern theories in cosmology pretty much ignore electricity.  All of the theories and equations that cosmologists use to explain the universe are focused on gravity.  This has resulted in a plethora of invisible, hypothetical objects - black holes, dark energy, dark matter.  In addition the phenomena we do see cannot be explained.  For example how are the magnetic 'ropes' we observe be created with gravity?  Why do galaxies line up?  What makes the solar wind accelerate?

The Electric Universe proposes electricity is the predominant force in space.  It explains the rotation of galaxies and the formation of their spiral arms - without the need for invisible forces and objects.  

Come join us as we explore a whole new understanding of the Univers.....

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