Introduction to EU Geology

Introduction to EU Geology

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Electric Universe Geology encompasses a group of theories which claim the planets are electrically charged bodies circling the largest and strongest charged body of all, the Sun. Normally the charges in the solar system are in balance and things are relatively peaceful. However a large body entering the solar system disrupts that balance and large electrical currents begin to flow between planets. This creates major catastrophic events on the earth. Currently the charges within the solar system have reached somewhat of an equilibrium and we don't see these large inter-planetary electrical disturbances.

However in the recent past something major disturbed the system - maybe a planet was captured into our system, or was expelled from a gas giant, or a comet came close to us, or the electric current feeding our solar system changed, or we came across a new Sun - there are many theories.  The orbits of the planets changed and this made the system unbalanced.  Inter-planetary discharges occurred and caused great destruction here on Earth, the ancients recorded it in their myths and religious stories.  These discharges sculpted parts of our Geology.  There are still electrical effects at work on Earth today.

The other planets and moons in our solar system show even more significant electrical scarring than that observed on Earth.  Some of these scars are massive and cover significant areas of the planet.  This scarring cannot be explained through conventional Geology with volcanoes, earthquakes, tectonics, or wind and rain erosion.  Something else is happening.

Catastrophism or Uniformitarianism

We have been taught the geology of Earth is the result of tectonics, volcanism, earthquakes, and wind and rain erosion.  These processes are gradual and the Earth has changed slowly over the millenia.   The slow moving tectonic plates slowly mash together and over millions of years form the mountain ranges, meanwhile water and wind slowly wear them back down.

Our myths and religions tell a different story - massive earth wide catastrophes caused mountain ranges to form overnight, fire and brimstone fell from the heavens, the location of the sunrise changed, the oceans sloshed about and the magnetic poles changed.  The stories come from all over the world and and many are similar in nature.

These stories demand an explanation.  Conventional belief is these people were a fearful, primitive people and since we don't see these things now, they couldn't have seen them then.  So science simply ignores these stories and they go on with their own story - changes are slow and gradual, mountain ranges form over millions of years as the tectonic plates slowly move and crash together, then water and wind slowly wear them back down.

Is it possible these people weren't so primitive?  After all they built the great Megalithic Structures, a feat we would find difficult if not impossible today. Is it possible they actually saw what they said they saw?

Electrically charged Planets

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SOHO Satellite finds Venus Tail almost touches Earth
SOHO Satellite finds Venus Tail almost touches Earth

In 1997 using the SOHO satellite, NASA observed that tail coming from Venus that almost touches Earth.  What is this tail and what would happen if it was a little longer and the Earth passed through that tail?

The Electric Universe postulates that the tail behind a comet is visible to us because comets undergo a large change in their electrical environment as their elliptical orbit takes them into and out of the inner solar system.  This large electrical charge difference makes the plasma in the tail go into glow mode, it is like a fluorescent light bulb. The ancients spoke of Venus as a comet with a fiery head of hair - this was it's tail. However overtime the charges in the solar system have become balanced. We no longer see the tail as early man did. There is most likely a small electric current flowing in the tail of Venus but it isn't enough to make it glow. The plasma in the tail is now in dark mode.  

Valles Marinaris on Mars
Valles Marinaris

When the electric envelope surrounding our earth bumps into the envelope around another body in space, it causes a disturbance to the fields of both bodies.  This can result in large scale catastrophic events on Earth without the planets actually touching.  Jno Cook believes this collision of the electric fields causes a corresponding compression and release of the Earths surface. In severe cases an actual thunderbolt passes between the two bodies and causes large scale scarring. An example of this is Valles Marineris found on Mars.  

An inter-planetary thunderbolt can explain the Exodus story where the "Pillar of Fire" stopped the Egyptian army long enough for Moses to part the Red Sea and escape to a luxurious forty years of wandering in the desert.

In 1950 Immanuel Velikovsky caused a firestorm when he published his book "Worlds in Collision".  He proposed the exchange of electrical charge between Earth and Mars and Venus were responsible for many of the stories of early man.  He thought these electrical exchanges resulted in the orbits of the planets changing and becoming more and more circular as charges become balanced.



I have been waiting for this forum since EU 2017 conference. I believe this will be a wonderful opportunity for adepts to communicate their findings of an electric earth without fear of arrogant dismissal from the so called experts. Here we are all lay persons and yearning for truth not dogma. I am currently working on my findings involving the theory that Upheaval Dome, a  large "crater"  in Utah, was formed electrically in a major arc blast event.  


hi, from Japan

I am interesting in about Earth. EU geology intensely stimulates my thinking. Japan is a country with many earthquakes. I believe that an earthquake is a discharge phenomenon inside the bedrock.

I would like to write an article about the earthquake here. so I would like to start explaining from the rotation of the earth, is this field suitable for the EU geology?…


Welcome ja7tdo from Japan,

Your observation falls in line with what we are talking about at the Electric Universe. This platform is meant for open honest scientific debate and research in a free format so please join us in this adventure.

The idea that discharge is involved with earthquakes is definitely a topic of interest, and with volcanic activity also. The rotation of the earth is most likely 'key' to all this. Japan like no other country is affected by this and we welcome any and all contribution regarding these topics!