Earth is Faraday motor

Earth is Faraday motor

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north east of Japan, foot of mountain made by discharge

There is a myth about the rotation of Earth. Long ago, a big star bumped  Earth. The shock was so strong that Earth still continues to turn around.

Do you believe this myth?

It is a clear mistake that the rotation of Earth continues with inertial force. IERS keeps tracking the length of the day in milliseconds every day.According to IERS's precise data, LOD (length of day) changes like every day.

LOD graph 2017

If the rotation of Earth is due to the inertial force of the ancient times, the rotation speed will be slow, but it will not be faster.The change in LOD means that the rotation is due to some kind of power.

By the way Earth has an interesting topography. When you look at the topography with Google Earth, there is a trace like being pulled toward the east.

On the seabed near the Mariana Trench there are several arcuate terrains.

The Caribbean islands are shaped like being stretched towards the east.

The Sandwich Islands have the same shape.

Each are part of the Pacific volcanic belt. The important thing is that the Pacific Volcanic Zone has circled the Pacific Ocean, and there is magma in its basement. Unexpectedly, magma has the property of passing electricity well. Magma, a maggot rock, is a conductor that conducts electricity. Magma has a large amount of current flowing.

It is because lightning is sure to occur when erupting. In volcanologists' explanation, it is said that lightning occurs because of the occurrence of static electricity due to the eruption. However, if you observe the eruption well, lightning will occur the moment the magma pops out into the air.

This is because the high voltage is applied to the magma, it is discharging the moment it pops out. Current flows in the magma belt surrounding the Pacific Ocean. There is a magnetic field on the earth. This is the structure of the Faraday motor. Faraday motor is the simplest electric motor invented by Michael Faraday. Earth is a huge electric motor. Magma bands constituting the Faraday motor are proven by existing Earth science.

If you turn the Faraday motor of a dry cell for 1 or 2 minutes, the copper wire gets a little hot.  Magma is also heated by the same principle.

Why is current flowing? Why is there a magnetic field? Electrical Earth Science will explain these.



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