Neutrino ― pulse of shortest electric field

Neutrino ― pulse of shortest electric field

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north east of Japan, foot of mountain made by discharge

When a strong magnetic field is applied to the electron beam, X-rays are generated. It is synchrotron radiation. Electric field changes when electrons are bent suddenly. Acceleration of the electron creates pulses of the electric field. The pulse of the electric field created by Electron collision is the shortest. It is a neutrino.

proton + electron = neutron
proton + electron = neutron

2 type of beta decays

neutron -> proton + electron + neutrino(-)

proton  -> neutron + positron + neutrino(+)

electron capture

proton + electron -> neutron + neutrino(+)

Positive neutrinos arise when electrons are coupled to protons. Negative neutrinos arise when electrons leave a proton. Changes in positive and negative electric charges generate electric field pulses, neutrinos. Since neutrinos are electric pulses, they fly at the same speed as light.

Neutrinos are transmitted by particles and nonlocal interaction like light and electromagnetic waves. Neutrinos are less likely to react with other substances and the reason for high permeability is probably because the re-generation of the electric field is done very efficiently.

A lot of neutrinos come from Sun. There is also a neutrino coming from the galaxy. Neutrino of 66 billion / cm2 is flying to the ground per second. Even though it is less than in the case of nuclear fusion, the neutrino coming from Sun is huge. According to EU, the plasma is discharging in Sun. Neutrinos are occurring because protons and electrons collide. It seems that nuclear reaction is occurring on surface of Sun.