Protonated Hydrogen ― Electrons are not clouds

Protonated Hydrogen ― Electrons are not clouds

Article - 6 years ago
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north east of Japan, foot of mountain made by discharge

Interstellar matter is protons and electrons. We imagine that protons and electrons exist in the plasma state. According to the observation, interstellar matter exists in the structure of proton and hydrogen protonated molecular hydrogen.

Protonated hydrogen is also generated in large quantities when discharged in hydrogen gas. Protonated hydrogen consists of three protons and two electrons. The three-center two-electron bond is a typical structure found in compounds.

How do three protons and two electrons combine to have a relatively stable structure? Can quantum mechanics describe such a structure with electrons like clouds?

Proton spacing is 0.9 Å, it is an equilateral triangle. This 0.9 Å has been accurately measured. The radius of the hydrogen atom is 0.55Å. One side of the protonated hydrogen is shorter than twice the radius of the hydrogen atom. Proton and proton will repel, so something should be holding on. If the electron is a cloud, this structure can not be kept.

Protonated hydrogen by static electrons

This is the structure of protonated hydrogen thought with SEAM(Static Electron Atom Model). Electrical attraction and repulsion of electrons and protons are balanced. However, I think that it is not enough to explain the stability of the structure only by electric attraction and repulsion. Another thing can be inferred that something 's power is working.