Transmutations - SAM in Action

Transmutations - SAM in Action

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Science tells us that the elements are created in high energy environments such as the center of a hot star or when a star explodes in Supernova. On Earth we create very small amounts of the elements in particle accelerators or atom smashers. A lot of information has been gathered on what steps the elements go through as they grow and decay. This is a very well researched field.

But there are anomalies that keep creeping in. Nature apparently hasn't read the theories and doesn't comply. In 1989 professors Pons and Fleischmann announced they had observed cold fusion. Their apparatus was a beaker containing heavy water with palladium electrodes. They observed excess heat and the byproducts of fusion. This is supposed to be impossible at low temperatures. In addition they didn't observe any radiation which is thought to be necessary to indicate fusion. There were many attempts to replicate the experiment with no apparent success.

However the story hasn't gone away, millions of dollars are being spent on research all over the world. The US Defense agencies are concerned the US is lagging behind in this research. Check out this article showing how the US government has taken notice.

In addition there are dozens of reports of transmutations in biology, meteorology, and geology. Is it possible our theories of how elements are created is incorrect? That elements are being created here on earth all around us and even inside us? Do our bodies have the ability to transmute elements? If so this will revolutionize our understanding of the world around us.

One of the biggest problems we have in understanding the elements is we haven't had a comprehensive theory for the structure of the nucleus. There are many models, and they are applied in different cases, but they don't work together. We're left with lots of observations and mathematical theories, but no real idea of what this all means. The SAM changes that. The SAM posits the atom is built from clusters of a few different types of nuclets. The SAM can demonstrate how breaking off a nuclet can change an element into a different one. In a smaller event like beta decay - the capturing of an electron into the nucleus forces a 'proton' to move into a 'neutron' position. A good model must be predictive, we're discovering the SAM does exactly that. It shows us visually how the elements grow and change.

We (Edo and James) have been looking into this for just a little under a year and the results are exciting. This really needs a team of researchers to figure out, there is a lot of research to be done. This is just the beginning.

Transmutations on Earth

More and more stories and books are coming out showing elements being transmuted here on Earth. We'll be writing an articles on each of these as soon as possible. If a reader out there has any information on these subjects and wants to contribute, please do so. We'd also like to hear about things we've missed. That's what this site is about, bringing people together to share what we know and bring this science to the world.

  • Chickens create calcium from potassium.
  • The elements in a seed change as it sprouts.
  • People in the desert produce potassium from sodium.
  • Electric arc welders have died by creating carbon monoxide (CO) from nitrogen gas (N2).
  • The roots of a tree stump are instantly petrified by a fallen power line - H2O and carbon converted to silicon (dioxide).
  • Lightning strikes create free neutrons and isotopes in the atmosphere.

When we look at rocks we see often see veins of other elements and compounds embedded in them. We are told that mineral laden water seeped through cracks in the rock and crystallized there. The veins can go for long distances and they often cross each other. They can be very small and intricate. In addition there is mounting evidence these events were instantaneous. They couldn't have taken millions of years. Is it possible there is another mechanism at work?

A new theory is being put out there that these veins are created in-situ. A rock was hit by a large electric thunderbolt of some type, and the veins were formed instantaneously where the electricity flowed. The electricity changed the composition of the elements.

Go to the EU Geology Transmutation page to explore this further.



I only studied chemistry in high school and a semester in college. I am fascinated by this model and have read an article nearly everyday since I became a member of the group. Really looking forward to being able to teach my children chemistry while playing on the carpet. Keep up the great work. Very impressed.


Are you familiar with the work of Peter Plichta. See his book: God`s secret formula, deciphering the riddle of the universe and the prime number code. He has unique ideas about the periodic table.


The correlations pointed out by many throughout (mainly) the last century are what was used to develop this SAM. Peter Plichta seems to have made wonderful observations and his conclusion that there must be an underlying construct (numbers) is similar to our own. As said, these observations and clues must fit the model obviously and that is what SAM is doing as well. The numbers of the elements (mass number and Proton / Neutron ratio) are the first and foremost clue to the structure. The expression of 3 "states" is a recurring theme and is reflected in the SAM through the Proton, Electron and the Combination/neutral the "neutron". Or the triangular placement of all the protons in a stable nucleus.