Status of SAM Documentation

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Status of SAM Documentation

Book page - 1 year 5 months ago

We are working diligently to get the full theory documented on this website.  Most of the background information, the key principles and the theory itself are already published. There is still a lot of detail to fill in.

Now that we have most of the basics the fun begins, we get to answer the question - "What can SAM do!". There are so many possibilities - it may lead to new materials, help us understand how the planets and stars are formed, or create new ways to make electricity. This is just the beginning.

Inner Electrons

The SAM posits the nucleus is made up of protons and shared electrons. The protons make up the structure, the electrons hold the protons together. Just looking at the structure of the protons answers many questions about the elements. There correlations between the proton structure and the periodic table are too numerous to ignore. We believe the SAM is a valid, verifiable model without needing an understanding of the where the inner electrons are.

However a lot of people see the theory and immediately start asking about the electrons. We know this needs to be answered so we're starting to put effort into it. We just (April 2018) added the ability to the atom builder so we can experiment with possible positions for the electrons. What we are finding is really exciting? The electrons appear to be static, they dont' move. The rules for where they are may be pretty simple. We're just getting started on this area of research and we could really use a team of people to help. There is a lot more to come in this area and we believe it will change our understanding of how chemistry works.

Transmutation of the Elements

The conventional belief is that high temperatures and pressures are required to create elements, it can't happen here on earth. However evidence is mounting that it happens all the time on Earth. At the Thunderbolts EU 2017 conference there were several speakers that talked about nuclear transmutations. The SAFIRE project hinted that the elements coming out of their chamber were different than what they were putting in. Peter Mungo Jupp talked about how ponds of animals must have become fossilized instantaneously - the carbon and water was somehow changed into calcium, silicon and magnesium oxides.

In addition there is evidence of biological transmutations - chickens create calcium eggs even though calcium is removed from their diet - desert workers sweat out more sodium than they consume. A Russian firm, Synthestech, is using bacteria to break down radioactive materials into precious metals.

We started looking at SAM and found many of these reactions can be explained by simply combining nuclets together or by moving nuclets between atoms. We have plans to enhance the Atom Builder program to show transmutations of elements - we're calling it the Transmuter.

EU Geology

Evidence is mounting out that elements are being transmuted in the earth around us. This could explain a lot about how our Geology was formed. We have a bunch of articles planned for this subject. Go to the EU Geology page to see more.