Early Pioneers

Early Pioneers

Book page - 6 years 5 months ago

"We stand on the shoulders of giants"

The SAM does not contradict current science and builds on many great thinkers and inventors achievements. The knowledge we nowadays have regarding the elements, their properties such as atomic weight number together with the vast amount of knowledge we can find has been of tremendous importance in order to develop this model. Without so much data and insights this would never have been possible and we fully recognize and acknowledge that!

Having said that the other side of the coin is that this model breaks with what we have come to know as Quantum Mechanics and General Relativity. For those that are open to evidence will know that those two concept have been flawed from the beginning due to assumptions, wrong postulations and even invented particles. These mistakes and attempts to make it all work and fit have proven to be useless and we find ourselves in the position that we cannot even unify the different accepted models out there.

The SAM has begun anew and took a good look and the most simple and fundamental observations. The correlation found in the numbers and structures with respect to the periodic table of the elements and even their properties are real and to be understood. This will give us the chance to study the elements, Physics and Chemistry etc in a way never possible before.