We Need Your Help in Advancing SAM

We Need Your Help in Advancing SAM

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We Need Your Insights, Expertise and Criticisms - How You Can Contribute

This theory was created by one person working with marbles, magnets, a good internet connection, and a lot of perseverance.  It wasn't created in a large corporate or government laboratory with tons of cash and resources. It's a geometric structural theory that doesn't require a degree in advanced mathematics and physics to understand.  A cheap set of neodymium magnets will go a long way to help you learn the basics of dense packing and how the atoms grow. With magnets you can build atoms, hold them and marvel at their Elegant Simplicity. My favorite is Neon.

However SAM is far from being a complete theory. There are many more questions yet to be answered and the story has yet to be written. We're on the first chapter.

We created this website so people can get together and discuss SAM and other theories. We hoping you will point out our errors and add your insights.  We're confident that some of the things SAM predicts have already been observed. People just didn't have the context to understand what they were seeing. With SAM now they do. SAM explains many of the phenomena we observe around us.

Please join in and write a comment if you have an idea or if you have a correction to something we've written. We're hoping people form many different backgrounds will contribute.  We want to hear all sides of the story.

If you have a subject or theory of your own and you would like to have it published then contact me and I'll help you get started.

Let's get the discussion going. There are many exciting things happening in Science today and the collective power of the Internet is a huge part of it. Theories like this are difficult to introduce because they go against prevailing ideas.  This website is here to help get those theories some exposure and to get people talking about them. Join in and we can all be a part of history!

My Story, why I believe in SAM

I met Edo at the Grand Canyon after an Electric Universe conference.  We were on a EU Geology tour waiting for a lost member of the party.  I sat down on the curb next to Edo and started asking him about his theory.  He pulled out of his backpack three notebooks and showed me page after page of notes, and tables and scribbles and drawings.  He pointed out some of the more interesting correlations he had found to the elements. It took only minutes for me to become intrigued. I was very impressed with how comprehensive and well developed his theory already was.  Edo had thought through a lot of issues. This was not something he dreamed up over a couple of months. It was obvious to me he had spent 1000's of hours working on it.

Most of my career was writing data analysis and charting software for the semi-conductor industry.  I created a program that looked for patterns that indicated which piece of process equipment was causing problems. Sometimes the correlations were so clear it was undeniable which equipment was at fault. I developed a trust in the proper use of numbers and know that a strong correlation mush be investigated and understood. That day at Grand Canyon when Edo showed my how SAM correlates to the periodic table I knew this was something important. It is inconceivable that all the correlations are simply coincidental.

The next day Edo asked if I could write a program to build larger elements. Magnets become too unwieldy after about 40 protons. I had just ended a contract job and came to the conference looking for a web project involving Science. Bonus points if I finally get to learn 3D projections.  Now I believe in Providence which means a higher force opens doors for us when we are ready.  This wasn't coincidence, this was a wide open door I had to go through.

Since that day in the Grand Canyon Edo and I have talked for many hours. We try to talk daily on Skype. He came to my cabin in Colorado for a couple months and we created the Atom Builder program together. Every time we talk he has something knew to tell me about how this theory works and what it means to chemistry and physics. I'm more convinced now then ever that the Structured Atom Model goes a long way to explaining how our world is created.



I keep telling people the Universe is Electric and fractal. I suspect if you could view into an even lower scale than what we can see with modern technology you would find repeating structures.

If the Earth sits on a plasmoid, and if that plasmoid is fractally similar to the photosphere of our star, might I suggest that amplitude can make a difference. Our star is strong enough to slough off the extra materials made and received where the Earth holds on to most of both. I would also wonder if microbial colonies—also a significant builder of materials on Earth—could survive anywhere within our star’s corona sphere. I might add, where a single cell holds bodies that are similar to organs within a multicellular body, I doubt we are going to find a single organ that does what the mitochondria do with the transmutation and other stuff.


universe as both fractal and electric falls naturally out of the following: [you must prepare to hear]
That's All Folks Abstract:
Universe as two fundamental things:
An infinite/eternal sea of singularities, and quantum foam.
Physical laws emerge from the interactions of virtual-particle/singularities mergers (VSM).
A steady state universe with periodic waves of virtual-flux pressure variance (expansion pushes time)
Cold dark plasma as primary constituent manifesting as background radiation
Heavier elements manifest as particle packing probalistically in regions of greater flux pressure
Gravity emerges as VSM accumulations and density variation
Galaxy structure emerges as dynamos
[don't like the universe? just wait for the next cosmic flux bang]


I have for many years (1970's) had a different theory on the Atoms structure after pulling magnetism apart as to what it actually is. I found that there was no pathway to discovering what it was under the standard model, and so had decided that a different structure of the Atom was needed and created a model. Having stumbled across your SAM Atom Model (following the Electric Universe), I am excited to see not only this SAM theory, but a working model (software). My structure of the Atom is similar to yours yet different in the mechanics. I was wondering if the SAM model can accommodate a different structure and model that through transitions?


I tried to write You a message but contact is not working (after sending it throws some code).
It is same in this and new SAM site.

What I could contribute is I am good at analysis of solids in microscale. If You would need that after future experiments...