Vladimir Krivitsky - LENR in relation to observations in Geology

Vladimir Krivitsky - LENR in relation to observations in Geology

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This interview (posted February 8, 2018) discusses the role that the transmutations of elements have in geological processes.

In this open minded interview, Vladimir Krivitsky talks about his findings throughout the years and points out many interesting experiments and observations that have been made in this field.

One observation is an experiment that shows when elements with a long half-life are ionized (meaning the outer electrons are taken away) the half-life decay ratio decreases by a factor of 106. This is a clear clue that the decay rate is not intrinsic but instead is driven by external influences.

V. Krivitsky is part of the Synthestech corporation in Russia that is commercializing the creation of precious metals and isotopes through the use of bacteria.

The translation on this video is pretty easy to understand, however we have transcribed it and so you can read the full text instead. Our thanks to Jan Emming for creating this document.

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Transmutation and development of the Earth. Interview with V. Krivitsky



This interview is an absolute must for anyone interested in geology, mineralogy, or the geosciences. An absolute must see. Kivitsky is intuitively conscious of the nucleus having structure but it seems he hasn't cracked the code yet.