Key Principles and background

Key Principles and background

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How is it that the structure of the nucleus has remained elusive to science?  Is it possibly because we aren't really looking?  An internet search finds some discussion about a structure but it largely ends with Helium being a tetrahedron made from 4 nucleons.

Quantum Mechanics claims we will never find a physical structure and our understanding of the nucleus is limited to the mathematics - but is that a reasonable conclusion?  We know there are particles in the nucleus; logic tells us they have to be arranged in some type of configuration.

When I started working with Edo I was very curious how he came up with this theory. What thought processes did he use. He isn't a university professor with a PHD, he doesn't have access to an expensive laboratory, and he wasn't working as a chemist at the time.  Instead I found him to be like a lot of people I've met - he has always had a deep interest in science and spends much of his free time studying it.  Most of his education is through individual study where he is free to explore and question all sides of an argument.  Because he doesn't have to pass an exam which proclaims the 'correct' theory, he feels he is open to questioning the prevailing thought and is free to explore alternatives.  

I've been fortunate to talk with Edo about his thought processes many times.  He came to my cabin for a couple months and we spent many hours basking on the porch in the Colorado sunlight in deep discussion.

We've compiled a list of fundamental principles Edo found important in the development of SAM:

  • Question everything you think you know.
  • Everything draws to the center.
  • Everything is dual in nature.
  • Nature grows organically.
  • The Electrostatic Force is king.
  • Dense packing of spheres creates stable structures.
  • 3 of the 5 Platonic solids are densely packed.

Nikola Tesla:

“The idea of atomic energy is illusionary but it has taken so powerful a hold on the minds, that although I have preached against it for twenty-five years, there are still some who believe it to be realizable.”



Dear Sirs.

I am enthusiastic to discover your work, more people to dig a huge amount of observations.
Enthusiastic according to the certitude that "anything has a geometry" in a Creation which ignores waste, whichever dimension it resides into ... and 3 is not a trivial place to start with !

If you haven't heard about Rajalakshmi Heyrovska [], please read : (8 pages), I am sure you wont loose your time !
As a chemistry scientist, she digs into algebra and aims to provide a "geometric meaning" to experimentally accepted values, hence a strong "geometric point of view", mostly based on algebraic properties of the fundamental structure of matter / energetic interactions.
More : : 3 pages of text, 8 of figures.
Her papers (many) are all short but "dense".

Another "exotic" point of view : Stoyan Sarg (Sargoytchev) [], for his beautiful "geometric point of view" : Atlas of Atomic Nuclear Structures, at, where you may expect some similarities with your "Period Table Of Nuclear Silhouettes". His point of view seems to be dictated by an (the...) universal underlying structure inside which the energetic interactions occur and finally yield the matter into "such a geometry", his (not so dense) packing being the consequence of the geometrisation of the energetic definitions ...
Sarg follows the Tesla theories (ZPE ...)

Also, could you tell your thoughts about Randell Mills and the "Hydrino" as an Hydrogen with inverted (1/n) energy level(n:int), storing the potential energy of a photon with λ <= UV ?

Void, Hydrogen, plasma, "ultra violet light" ... smells a lot like the Safire Project :

Here, Mills (and Sarg) have an "historical precedence", with detailed theoretical formalisms, and experiments in what one calls LENR ...

Finally, here is a "cosmological point of view" on the nature of particles interactions, which fits and explains (almost?) all cosmological observations that the ΛCDM model théory pretend explaining with "many theoretical particles"... that no one ever observed ...
Jean-Pierre Petit :….
For examples, the filamentary structure of the "universe", the nature of the Dipole Repeller and the Shapley Attractor ... have complete mathematical demonstrations in his topological framework (developed upon a "giant" : Sakharov model).
Here the question is not about the structure of the atom, but of the topological structure of the "universe", yielding another paradigm to understand antimatter(s), "dark" matter and energy ... though : particle interactions inside a new framework ...
This french scientist has been bashed (and censored) in France, hence the very few people who know about his (team's) work.
At the present time, the main "tenants" of the ΛCDM model théory in France, all sitting at the "Accadémie des Sciences", are slowly "stealing" his work, incorporating parts inside their own "crap" ... shame on them !

It is a very important work :
Jean-Pierre Petit (and Leonard S. Abrams) have discovered "an error" in Hilbert's interpretation of Schwarzschild's seminal papers.…, continued in -star-b.pdf…
He (pretends and) demonstrates that all cosmological science since Hilbert is ... a black hole for science ... that's a reason to be hated, and get banned ! is an authorized directory, and most cited sources are stored there, alongside to his own publications, where he rebuilds upon Einstein, Schwarzschild, Sakharov and other.

How to figure out a Whole with only one pair of dirty spectacles, watching threw a few tiny pin-holes ...
How to "geometrize" an inverted (stored, self-contained) energy level ... and represent what cannot be viewed until being "released" ...

About your "list of fundamental principles", IMHO, I would add ---"Similar charges repel each other"--- just before "Everything is dual in nature", and also displace "The Electrostatic Force is king" at the second place ... For J.P Petit, even "time" and "mass" are dual in nature !

If you wish, "stan pout it" hat jay melle daught common, "stuff" having spaces cleared, three lasts being useless and you guess what's left ...