"Dynamic Earth" EU2019 Conference in Bath, England (Edo)

"Dynamic Earth" EU2019 Conference in Bath, England (Edo)

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Link to the video of the presentation given by Edo

PDF file of the presentation given at the "Dynamic Earth" EU2019 Conference in Bath, England by Edo Kaal



I think SAM is a great idea.  However, SAM can not overcome quantum mechanics as it is.  Because it is believed that the charge of the electrons inside the nucleus is neutralized. What is your view of electron orbits and quantum leaps in SAM?  And what about the role of pion? Do you have any thoughts about mass and gravity? We also need to integrate four forces. Do you have any of these prospects for SAM?

SAM is not based on any other model, meaning that is based on observations.

QM cannot survive as it is, there are too many interpretations and models and all are at best partly working and explaining, that is why sciences are not unified yet.
SAM is a very different approach and deals with the construct of the nucleus of the atom in the first place. We show the correlations hold true throughout the Periodic Table. Presentations were recently given on these topics at the "Dynamic Earth" conference in England and these are uploaded here on this website:

The questions you ask are OK, we do deal with that for sure. Meaning that we are involved with other researchers/scientist in this.
Many of the topics you touch, such as "mass", "neutrino's" and unifying forces were all talked about at the conference.
When (should be soon) the video's are released through EU-UK one can watch these and I hope more will be clear then.



thank you for your reply. I look forward to the content of the meeting being published. I will point out only two disadvantages of SAM. If you do not improve these two points, SAM will enter the same dead end as quantum mechanics.

  1. The charge of inner electrons is neutralized.
  2. It is unnatural that the three protons of helium 3 are combined by one electron.