Physics 2.0 specifications new neutrino

Physics 2.0 specifications new neutrino

Article - 2 years ago
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north east of Japan, foot of mountain made by discharge

Relativity theory, Big Bang cosmology theory is clearly wrong. Quantum mechanics also has a fundamental mistake.   The elementary particle theory became metaphysics dealing with imaginary particles. We have been in the labyrinth for over two centuries. Now we have to dispel physics mistakes and we can not get out of the labyrinth.   And we should talk about the prospects for new physics that will come next. Let's raise the version of physics to 2.0.

I pointed out that there are three mistakes in modern physics.

  1. The ground attraction and the universe's gravity are different
  2. Mass does not produce gravity
  3. Plus and minus charges are not neutralized

Another thing, I want to add "space" in relativity theory. "space" in relativity theory introduces mathematical concept without proof. It is completely unfounded that "space" is a reality in nature. It is not realistic that "space" is bent.

4. "Space" does not exist

1 and 2 revealed the surface gravity system.   3 showed that quantum mechanics is wrong. 4 clarified that electromagnetic waves are transmitting protons and electrons. Each are suited to Descartes' methodology.

In mainstream science, it is said that neutrinos do little interaction. However, while doing this, the neutrinos have passed through as much as 66 billion pcs/sec per square centimeter. From the occurrence and behavior of neutrinos, I claim that neutrinos are pulses of very short electric field. Neutrinos pass through protons. In addition, neutrinos give protons and electrons an energy of charge.

By the way, neutrino oscillation was observed. Neutrino oscillation is thought to be due to the change to tau neutrino from the fact that the muon neutrino out of the three types is less than the presumed amount. (from KAMIOKANDE)

neutrino oscillation

I believe that few mu neutrinos that have passed through the earth lost charge when passing through a huge proton. The existence of tau neutrino is not fixed.

This graph is evidence that the change in the distance between the sun and the earth has a strong correlation with the half-life of 36Cl-32Si. The blue dot is the half-life, the red line is the distance between the earth and the sun. 36 Cl is caused by collision of cosmic rays from argon in the atmosphere. Beta collapse with a half-life of about 300,000 years - It changes to 32 Si with alpha collapse. Precise examination of this half life corresponds to the change in the distance between the earth and the sun. There is speculation that the solar neutrinos are doing some work. When the distance to the sun is short, the half-life becomes short. It is because the concentration of neutrinos increases.

This claim is not limited to the structure of atoms. Until now, I can give an explanation about free energy that has been called permanent institution. If we can extract the charge of the neutrino, we can get infinite energy. Is this crazy claim? Please read my past articles carefully. My claim clearly admits only nonlocal interaction. Others just corrected the traditional mistake and did not use the fictitious existence. Please consider it as a specification of physics to come next.