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Drupal Notes

Book page - 1 year 2 months ago

This site was created using Drupal 8 and Acquia's Lightning distribution.  Lightning adds a lot of modules which enhance the authoring experience.  

The theme is based on neato - a very basic theme with Bourbon and Neat as it's basis.

This section of the site is a place for me to post short articles about things I figured out in Drupal 8 and figure others might want to know about also.



James, This is looking really clean and robust. Honored to get to watch it grow up. Hope I can help.

Two difficulties I have found with a number of sites are broken links (on the SAM page "The Age of Uranium" video is a broken link, by the way) and lack of indexing. How do you find what you don't know exists on the internet, globally or within any indexable subset of the internet?

For example, the Thunderbolts presentations by Andrew Hall on EU geology. He has maybe 8 or 9 space news offerings on 3 or 4 different subjects, 2 conference presentaions and an unknown number (to me) of thunderblogs... Unknown to me because there's no way to search and pop up a list of everything on the site with Andrew Hall in it. So I don't know if I missed any. See what I mean?

I find it especially easy to get completely lost in areas of internet like the TBolts forum, which has been running a long time and in some areas has more broken links than live ones. Is there some digital creepy crawler that can monitor a site and let admin know... such and such link just went dead? And maybe even find another link to the destination if such exists on the web? And maybe even put a marker where the broken link was so we don't try to go there? Just a thought.