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Before the internet it was difficult for people with similar interests to find each other and work together.  The internet has changed all of that and has made it possible for anyone to make a contribution.

The Internet is a meritocracy - a persons merit or worth to the community is determined by what they contribute and how they treat others.  It is not determined by how much money they make, what school they attended, their family name, or what they wear.   

Our goal with this website is to provide a place where people can come together and discuss new and revolutionary theories we believe will change our understanding of the Universe around us.

Some of the ways you can contribute:

  • If you have a theory or idea you'd like to get out there for people to talk about - then write an article.  This can be a good way to direct traffic back to your own website.  
  • Create a good profile.  Describe why you're doing this, what your past experience are.
  • Offer your experience - we know many of you have worked or are working as geologist, chemists, physicists, etc.  We know you've seen some of the phenomena discussed here.  Tell us about it.
  • Help us gain access to data.
  • Do you have access to a lab, we could use help with lab work.
  • Interview people in your area.  For example I'd love for someone in Alberta Canada to interview the power company that found their broken power line had instantly fossilized some tree roots.
  • Add your photos to the gallery, there are a lot of great photographers out there.
  • Comment on someone else's article.
  • Add another item to this list!



On your home page you stated to explore the duality of the (electric) universe.

In a early post on this site I talked about the duality of Eternity and Infinity.
Eternity is the permanent state of time and Infinity is the permanent state of space.
To travel space one needs time, to travel all space you need all time.
Ergo: There is no start or finish in space/time. It has always been and will always be with unlimited energie.
Thus is it present in Man's mind and conciousness. So it is reasonable to say that all memoty of all life is always present in the universe. It is to me fully acceptable that the univers is alive as are all things in it. The shape of things and life are locked in the universe and can be formed in any shape or state anywhere.

Because there is eternity, death is impossible and is therefore a mere transformation of energy (Phenix). We may die as a human beeing but not as a part of the universe.

The universe as living beeing is the result of the interaction between the two enteties, infinity and eternity.To me the effect of this interaction between Eternity and Infinity is Magnetisme and Electricity. Again a dualisme linked to Space-Time. This is only to be seen by the passage of time and a displacement in space, again a duality. This is equaly unlimited and proves the non-locality and instant interaction of events in Space-Time.

Live on earth is directly linked to DNA and the spiral shape of it. This DNA is sustained by electric current wich has also a spiral form, as to be observed all over the univers.

Now, our science and scientists will (forever) explore the interaction in Nature and Cosmos and will always find unknown structures and phenomena which will increase our knowledge and insights in our daily live, It will bring forth wisdom and contrverse, again a duality.
All life is able to interact and influence the univers as well as the universe is able to interact and influece all life. As Walace Thornhill put is rightly: There are no islands in the universe.
I think we live forever as part of our universe.

Here I pay my regards all independent minds of those great people who brought me to this view:
Teilhard Dujardin, Michal Farraday, Birkland, Heissenberg, Nies Bohr, Manuel Velikovski, Wallace Thornhill, Rupert sheldrake and many, many others.