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Citizen Science

Book page - 1 year 9 months ago

Before the internet it was difficult for people with similar interests to find each other and work together.  The internet has changed all of that and has made it possible for anyone to make a contribution.

The Internet is a meritocracy - a persons merit or worth to the community is determined by what they contribute and how they treat others.  It is not determined by how much money they make, what school they attended, their family name, or what they wear.   

Our goal with this website is to provide a place where people can come together and discuss new and revolutionary theories we believe will change our understanding of the Universe around us.

Some of the ways you can contribute:

  • If you have a theory or idea you'd like to get out there for people to talk about - then write an article.  This can be a good way to direct traffic back to your own website.  
  • Create a good profile.  Describe why you're doing this, what your past experience are.
  • Offer your experience - we know many of you have worked or are working as geologist, chemists, physicists, etc.  We know you've seen some of the phenomena discussed here.  Tell us about it.
  • Help us gain access to data.
  • Do you have access to a lab, we could use help with lab work.
  • Interview people in your area.  For example I'd love for someone in Alberta Canada to interview the power company that found their broken power line had instantly fossilized some tree roots.
  • Add your photos to the gallery, there are a lot of great photographers out there.
  • Comment on someone else's article.
  • Add another item to this list!