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Welcome to the Website community!  This community is different than the other communities on the site.   We're here to make the site better and to get the word out there.  It's also a place to report problems or issues found with the site.

When people register on this site they are automatically made a member of the Website community.  Community members receive emails when new content has been added or updated.  You don't have to remain a member of this community but I recommend it.  I will be sending occasional emails to members which announce significant changes or issues related to the site.  

Don't worry you won't be getting 3 emails a day.  If I send one email a week I'll be doing good.  I myself unsubscribe from sites that send me too many emails and I don't certainly don't want you doing that.  

Why the name "Ethereal Matters"?


  • Lacking material substance and having no volume or mass.
  • Not composed of matter - immaterial, intangible, the aether.
  • Of or relating to the regions beyond the earth - Celestial, Heavenly, Spiritual
  • Chemistry - Having diethyl ether as a solvent


  • Any substance that has mass and takes up space by having volume.
  • The substances of which any physical object consists of or is composed.
  • Something that occupies space.
  • A situation, state, affair or business - something of consequence.

The name Ethereal Matters was chosen because it embodies the concept of duality.  Everything we know about exists because of it's dual nature - hot and cold, wet and dry, hard and soft, positive and negative.  One aspect cannot exist without the other - if hot didn't exist, we wouldn't know cold.  We wouldn't need a furnace or coat to stay warm.  The idea of temperature wouldn't even exist in our vocabulary.  

An obvious example of duality is the positive and negative charge found with electricity.  This electrical duality is exemplified in the protons and electrons that make up the atom.  (The neutron is known to made from a proton and electron).  The principle of duality and how it pertains to the atom was key in Edo's development of the Structured Atom Model.  

Western science has done a good job of observing the physical universe - the matter that makes up everything.  The periodic table is chock full of information we have gleaned from experiments.  However science shys away from studying the non-physical or spiritual aspect of our existence.

Eastern philosophy has focused on the spiritual, non-tangible parts of existence.  Their understanding is more intuitive and difficult to describe.

This site is here to present both sides, the physical and spiritual, the yin and the yang.  You can't develop a complete understanding of something by breaking it into little pieces.  You have to step back and observe it in it's environment.  How does it relate to others.  

The words Ethereal and Matter have other meanings that are relevant to this site.  The word ethereal refers to the aether, a subject of great debate in science.  Another meaning for the word c>matter is - an affair or situation under consideration - a matter of great importance or consequence.  

Just as the Electric Universe movement has worked to bring science together with the myths and religious stories of man. Ethereal Matters is here to bring together the physical and spiritual aspects of our existence into a complete story.



I've always wondered why science and spirituality were so at odds. All and everything is energy. The scientist taps on to energy, just as the medium taps into energy.


I’m not finding navigation easy on this site. I am interested in learning specifically how quartz and other crystals form electrically. Any links or info....please reply!