Birkeland Currents

Birkeland Currents

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Kristian Birkeland

In the early 1900's the Norwegian physicist Kristian Birkeland took expeditions into the Arctic Circle to study the Aurora. He found that magnetometers changed direction when the aurora appeared. This implies that there must be electric currents flowing high in the atmosphere. Birkeland theorized that the solar wind is a current flowing from the Sun to the earth. This current enters the earth through it's magnetic fields at the North and South poles. When the current density is high enough the auroras are lit up.  He was scorned by his peers, electricity played no part in their theories.

However in 1967 a satellite launched into the auroral region confirmed the currents that Birkeland had theorized in 1908. In honour of him they named them Birkeland Currents.  These currents are called field aligned currents. They follow the magnetic field lines as the enter the North and South poles.

Electric Universe Interpretation

The Electric Universe theories purport that a web of electric currents is flowing between the galaxies and within them.  This electricity shapes the spiral arms of our galaxy and holds it together. In an electric universe there is no need for black holes, dark matter and dark energy.  These invisible, undetectable concepts are the result of a gravity only theory.  Gravity is 10^39 times weaker than electromagnetism.  In the presence of an electric or magnetic field gravity has little or no effect.

Why do things Rotate?

Everywhere we look we see rotation - planets, stars, galaxies all rotate and revolve around each other. Did something in the big bang cause rotation? It is taught that our solar system is the result of gas coming together gravitationally forming clumps that are the sun and planets. How can a cloud of gas condense down into a solar system with a revolving Sun and planets?  

Electricity is the only known force that imposes a rotation. In electrical engineering we are taught the right hand rule - if you grab a conductor with your right hand, and the current is flowing in the direction of your thumb, then a magnetic field wraps around the conductor in the direction of your fingers.

RotationThe work of Anthony Peratt shows that the shape of the spiral barred galaxy is explained through Maxwell's equations for electro-magnetism. This means that the electric force creates and shapes the galaxies, not gravity.

However if there are large electric currents in space then what creates them? How do they manifest? We know there is no power company running huge long distance power lines. Electric currents in space must behave according to some principle of electricity which is self-organizing and can automatically create and maintain these huge inter and intra galactic conductors.

Is it a Hot Gas or a Plasma?

We know there are large, collimated jets emanating from galaxies and other celestial objects.  These jets can travel for 100,000's of light years.  What is it that holds these jets together? If they are simply "hot gas" they should diffuse in all directions. These jets have filamentation that twists down their length. Scientists treat them as if they are a hot gas but they certainly don't behave as such.

A hot gas is and must be a plasma. When electrical or heat energy is applied to a gas it begins to ionize. Electrons gain enough energy that they escape their atom. If only 1% of a plasma loses it's A plasma can exist at very low ionization levels. Once ionized a gas will behave more like a plasma. It automatically creates filaments and cells, the elements will become separated.

When a plasma moves in relation to another plasma or to a magnetic or electric field, then electric currents are formed. These electric currents result in magnetic fields. The electrons absorb enough energy they are stripped from their atoms.  This results in a gas with negative electrons and positive ions.   

The Math

Electrical Engineer Donald Scott has been working to understand how conductors

We know there are large, collimated jets emanating from galaxies and other objects.  What holds these together? Why don't they dissipate? Scientists treat them as if they are a hot gas but they don't behave as such.  When a

Electrical Engineer Donald Scott has developed a theory about the mathematics of the Birkeland Current and what makes it form.

These currents Birkeland currents are field aligned - meaning they follow the magnetic field lines as the curve around the earth and enter therefore enter along the North and South magnetic poles.



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