Transmutation of the Elements

Transmutation of the Elements

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More and more evidence is being found that elements are being transmuted into different elements here on Earth.  There is a company in Russia that breaks down radioactive waste with bacteria, chickens can transmute potassium into calcium, people in the hot desert transmute sodium into potasium - an endothermic nuclear reaction that helps to cool them.

How can this be?  Conventional belief is the transmutation of elements involves huge amounts of energy and radiation.  Stars with their high heat and pressure are one of the few places transmutation or the creation of elements can happen.

Because the prevailing theory does not allow for biological, geological or electrical transmutations - few people are looking for it.  The very act of saying it happens can destroy your reputation - Pons and Fleischman made that mistake with Cold Fusion.  However the evidence cannot be ignored - transmutations are occurring all around us and even within us.  

Transmutation of Elements in Nature and Industry

The following lists some of the transmutations you can read about by searching the web. We'll be writing up an article for each of these items as time allows. If you know of transmutations not on the list please tell us about it in a comment. We want to make this list as complete as possible.


In 1962 Corentin Louis Kervran published his breaking book - Biological Transmutations. In it he describes several biological transmutations he had either researched himself or had learned about from other researchers before him. This is a truly fascinating book and a must read for those who are interested in this subject.

  • Chickens transmute potassium into calcium to make egg shells.
  • Desert workers transmute potassium into sodium to cool themselves.
  • Seeds create different elements when they sprout.
  • Welders get carbonic poisoning. Gas from heated metal acts as a nuclear catalyst to transmute nitrogen gas into carbon monoxide.
  • Humans convert nitrogen gas into carbon and oxygen compounds - or carbohydrates - essentially food from the air (breatharians!)
  • Gold, Silver and Quartz veins are created electrically
  • The heat for volcanoes comes from transmuting water (oxygen and hydrogen) into sulfur and silicon.
  • Petrification occurs when electricity transmutes a pond of animals or trees (largely carbon and water) into silicon compounds.
  • Radiohaloes in rock?
  • Lightning creates Carbon-14 from Nitrogen gas.
Human Induced Transmutation
  • Synthestech in Russia is in the business of creating precious metals and exotic isotopes using iron eating bacteria and radioactive waste.
  • John Milserafaef creates gold by microwaving beer bottles.
  • A smelter in India produces 25 tons of a silicon and iron alloy from 21 tons of raw material.

The Structured Atom Model - SAM

The Structured Atom Model (SAM) postulates the nucleus of an element has a defined structure. This structure is composed of nuclets that are connected together in a tree like or branching structure. Many of the transmutations found in nature are explained by the combining of nuclets onto other atoms. There are several growth paths that for how elements grow.

Science has been slow to accept that transmutations occur here on earth because there has never been a theory to explain how. We believe SAM is the theory that will bridge this gap and show us how and where the elements are truly being created.



Having read Kervran's book, I question, what are photons and what is their relationship to electrons, or are they related at all? He shows (page 39, 40) that given different isotopes of, for example Si, N, O and C, and the different molecular weights of each, that different c combinations of isotopes would have different molecular weights. Can the loss of mass associated with these combinations resulting from these transmutations be said to be in the form of photons?


The first paragraph under the page heading states "people in the hot desert transmute sodium into potasium" change to "potassium"
The second item under the Biology heading states "Desert workers transmute potassium into sodium to cool themselves." which is the opposite to the first paragraph on the page. The transmutation of sodium into potassium is really joining the nucleus of sodium and oxygen into the nucleus of potassium


It was predicted a few years ago that plants would run out of phosphorus because there will be no more phosphorus available to add to commercial fertilisers. Then we will all die as all plant life needs phosphorus. However if plants can transmute Silicon to Phosphorus, we will live to see another day. I haven't seen any evidence of this transmutation but it probably happens.


The photosphere creates matter from energy. Matter leaves but also falls into the planets beneath.
Earth receives "Cosmic" rays. These I submit, come from the thermosphere, the Earth's photosphere.
Transmuting energy into elements.


'High pressure' is the case with SAFIRE.

A very low pressure vacuum means a lot of pressure differential exists, meaning that the ehergy toroids in matter break down. That releases energy but if the toroid is a proton, then new elements are formed and will deposit on the anode.

A pressure gradient is all that is required!


The Sun our Father conveys energy to the Earth our Mother. Birkland current.
Fathers energy comes to mother as a Rhythm/Heartbeat
Mother loads a Frequency/Melody onto Fathers rhythm. Harmony
Energy/Rhythm + Frequency/Melody = vibration/form. Harmony
If you setup a cymatic experiment and use rhythm and harmony a 3d structure will form.
No need for high voltage or complex hypertheticals.