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The Age of Open Source Science

Within seconds and with nothing more than a cell phone we can search and access much of the accumulated knowledge of mankind. We can study any subject we want and more importantly we can study all sides of the story. We are no longer limited to what is in the local library or to what to the latest government program says is the proper thing to teach. This access and unprecedented freedom has opened up science to all the people.

Too many revolutionary theories get buried because they can't get exposure through the 'normal' channels. The internet is changing that. The purpose of this site is to provide a place for people to come together and explore exciting new theories about our world. If you have a theory or idea you want to get out there -- consider publishing it here. We are always open to new ideas and look forward to your contributions.


The purpose of this site is to create communities of people which discuss new, exciting and even opposing theories in science. Initially we are starting with two communities - the Structured Atom Model (SAM) and EU Geology. We hope to add additional theories such as Water, Weather, EU Archaeology and EU Cosmology.

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