Birkeland Currents - Dr Donald Scott's theory

Birkeland Currents - Dr Donald Scott's theory

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One of the most life changing books I've read is "The Electric Sky" by Dr Donald E. Scott.  Suddenly many science subjects I had read made sense.  Dark matter, black holes and other phenomena could be explained through electromagnetism.  It took the accepted mathemagical universe away from the theorists and gave it to the engineers and scientists that have created our electrically powered world.  It opened my eyes to a new way of looking at things.  Electric currents are everywhere in space and they connect the galaxies, the stars, and the planets together in a big web of electric currents and magnetic fields.

The book "The Electric Sky" left me questioning what creates these currents, what holds them together for many millions of years.  Dr Scott has been working on this and theorizes that the Lorentz force, a well known characteristic of electromagnetism can explain how these currents are shaped and maintained.

Dr Scott has just published his new book "Interconnected Cosmos" - Click here to purchase.

This book contains an investigative review of various scientific press releases that have been made public in astronomy, astrophysics and cosmology. This review includes detailed coverage of what has occurred in the search for what has become known as 'Dark matter'. In the last few years the author has published formal technical papers in this area - the essence of these papers is summarized in this book in clear, understandable language that omits most of the mathematical rigor.

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